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Cross Beam safety light curtain function

Cross beam safety light Curtain

Welcome to the new world of safety light curtains with crossed-beam technology. Crossed-beam technology works differently than using a one-to-one matching transmitter and receiver. Each

Two different synchronization systems

Two different synchronization systems

There are two kinds of Different Synchronization methods for safety light curtain, one is optical synchronization and the other is wire synchronization, here is the

Leraun 2023

Leraun’s Planning for 2023

What we plan to do in 2023 We have established a complete sales and after-sales service system in China.Now we are looking for distributors in

What Is a Safety Light Curtain

What Is a Safety Light Curtain

       A safety light curtain, also known as a safety light griting/barrier/guard/grid, is a safety device designed to protect potentially dangerous machines and

How to choose suitable fiber optic sensor1

How to choose suitable fiber optical sensor

Selection of fiber optical sensor Determine the sensing distance; It needs to be used with the amplifier; Working type: through-beam fiber optic sensor, reflective type,

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