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The standard detector of through-beam sensor and retro-reflective sensor is an opaque object, the diameter is the bigger one of  diagonal length. Generally the standard detector length of through beam sensor is the diagonal length of the emitter and receiver. The retro reflective sensor considers the diagonal length of the reflector as the diameter of standard detector.   The standard detector of diffuse reflection sensor is a white paper whose size is the same with diameter of the projection beam.

The measurement range 2mm ~ 2000mm, 10mm~ 200mm is common model.    

Photoelectric sensor is a general term for sensors that use light to detect objects. It’s a device that emits an optical signal and the signal is reflected, blocked, and absorbed by the detected object, and then received by the receiving portion and converted into a corresponding electrical signal to achieve control. Photoelectric sensors are generally composed of three parts: transmitter, receiver and detection circuit. 

The emitter of photoelectric sensor typically use the following types of light sources: Red LED–Visible light, easy to adjust Infrared LED– High energy invisible light Red laser– Visible light, it’s ideal for small object detection and a wide range of detection ranges. Lanbao photoelectric series sensors mainly use infrared LEDs as light sources  

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