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How different industries should choose the barcode scanning terminal PDA

Different industries may have different requirements for the performance of barcode scanning terminals(PDA), so you should choose according to your own habits, actual needs and economic conditions.

1.The choice of barcode scanning terminal(PDA) for logistics industry

The barcode scanning terminal(PDA) used for scanning goods in the logistics industry needs fast scanning speed, and at the same time requires self-powered, long standby time, and good with the base can be charged by itself.

In addition, the communication distance requirement is relatively long, with strong anti-interference ability, with goods identification indicator.

The logistics industry automatic diagnosis product application is divided into indoor and outdoor two kinds of environment, indoor because of the warehouse speciality to scan the speed and the distance adjustment ability have put forward the higher requirements.

Users can choose barcode scanners that meet the standard-based environmental specifications according to their needs to maximize efficiency.

2.The choice of barcode scanning terminal(PDA) in retail industry

Customers in the retail industry are concerned about the quality of scanning when purchasing barcode scanners, and at the same time, they are considering whether the barcode scanner is fast and sensitive, with high recognition rate and high cost performance.

Whether it has the ability to scan broken or stained barcodes, lightweight and easy to use, easy to maintain.

In order to bring customers a satisfactory customer experience, the scanning speed of the barcode scanner has put forward higher requirements, requiring the barcode scanner to be able to scan poorly printed and damaged barcodes, thus saving a lot of time.

3.The medical industry’s choice of barcode scanners

The medical industry requires barcode scanners to have a more robust shell to resist the erosion of chemical reagents such as detergents, to minimize the workload and time required to read barcodes, and to help patients improve the efficiency and accuracy of medical consultation.

The barcode scanner chosen for the medical industry needs to be ergonomically designed, comfortable in the hand, ultra-light and portable, with lightweight equipment suitable for mobile operations by medical personnel.

The barcode scanners and mobile data terminals used in the medical industry generally adopt the industry’s antibacterial housing, making it safer for medical personnel to use and avoiding cross infection, which is more suitable for the application of the medical industry.

When choosing a barcode scanner, you must combine your actual needs, first of all, you should look at the barcode code system, whether it is a 1D barcode or 2D barcode; then consider whether the scanning environment has special requirements for the barcode scanner, such as the cold chain environment needs to wear gloves to support the glove mode.

At the same time, consider the low temperature characteristics of the battery and the defogging function of the scanning head and screen; also consider the resolution and reading rate of the scanning terminal, or dustproof, waterproof level and drop level, etc.

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