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Two different synchronization systems

There are two kinds of Different Synchronization methods for safety light curtain, one is optical synchronization and the other is wire synchronization, here is the difference of these two synchronization methods.

1.what is optical synchronization.

Light synchronization refers to the light curtain of the receiver and the transmitter does not need to have any communication line connection, the transmitter in accordance with the prescribed law issued infrared light, the receiver relies on the receipt of light signals, compared with the transmitter to transmit the signal, if consistent, that at this time the light curtain is not blocked, and output the corresponding signal.

2.what is the line synchronization.

It is synchronized by a communication wire set up between the transmitter and receiver, when one of the parties in the light up the transmitter tube or start the receiver tube at the same time will send a synchronization signal to the communication line, the other party is based on this signal to start the receiver tube or light up the transmitter tube, in order to achieve the same pace of both the transmitter and receiver.


Light-synchronous security grating will exist strong light interference and more than two sets of grating with the use of interference problems, resulting in the grating receiver will produce a regular red light flashing, it is necessary to adjust the position of the grating to avoid direct sunlight or two sets of grating staggered installation to solve the interference problem.

Line synchronous safety encoder will not exist above the light interference problems and safety encoder set in the use of interference problems. Only the wire synchronous wiring will be more complicated

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