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What Is a Safety Light Curtain

       A safety light curtain, also known as a safety light griting/barrier/guard/grid, is a safety device designed to protect potentially dangerous machines and protect the individuals who will use those machines.

       Safety light curtains are essentially safety sensors. This means they form a curtain of light beams between the transmitter and receiver, and then sense objects as they enter this light field. They work by detecting potentially harmful machine motion or detecting human motion in areas that shouldn’t be present. In this way, they help add an extra layer of safety around potentially dangerous machines.

       There are two varieties of safety light curtains. These varieties are based on the scale of protection they offer.

Point-of-Operation Control (POC) Safety Light Curtains:

       These light curtains are designed for small area protection. Specifically, they help protect the hands, fingers and arms that operate the machine. These light curtains are usually very close to the machine, and the worker will interact directly with the machine.

Perimeter Access Control(PAC) Safety Light Curtains:

       These PAC light curtains differ from the POC variety in that this style provides full body protection. They essentially create a fence around the machine that does not require workers to approach, and are designed to detect people or objects when they intrude into the grating.


       POC and PAC light curtains work the same way. The only difference between them is their size, which makes them suitable for different situations.

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