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What kind of factors can affect the safety light curtain

1. The performance of some parts of the internal light projector or light receiver deteriorates, resulting in a decrease in the ability of the security light curtain to emit or receive light.

2. The internal circuit of the safety light curtain is faulty and soldered.

3. The safety light curtain is used for a long time, and the internal dust is too much, which affects the function.

4. An object accidentally hits the light curtain, causing the light curtain to lose alignment.

       The above situation can solve the problem of unstable yellow and green lights flashing, which can be checked and eliminated step by step. If the problem persists, please contact Leruan, our professional team of engineers will help you solve the problem. At Leruan, all safety light curtains undergo a 24-hour aging test. Only after passing the test can we leave the factory to ensure product quality and safety. Regardless of the brand, it is best to maintain a safety light curtain on a regular basis

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