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what’s the difference between “color mark” sensor and color sensor

Many people are confused as to what the difference is between a color-coded sensor and a color sensor.

Usually the sensors for color mark detection are defined as color mark sensors, in fact, such a name is not very appropriate.The reason for this problem could be that the first person to name it was not a native English speaker

Broadly speaking, there are usually two types of sensors for detecting color marks.

①Contrast Sensor for detecting and comparing color grayscale of object surface

②RGB Color Sensor for identifying and comparing the color value of the object surface

What is a color mark sensor? What is a rgb color sensor?

  • The color mark sensor recognizes and compares the grayscale of the surface of a target object by using the difference in emissivity of different colored objects as the detection principle.
  • It is used for pattern colors with grayscale differences and grayscale variations.
  • The color sensor is based on red, green and blue primary colors and compares the reflected signal with R-G-B primary colors to identify and compare the color of the surface of the target object.
  • It is used for color detection, identification and classification.

The color mark sensor 

can only recognize the grayscale of the surface color of the target object, and cannot distinguish between different colors of the same grayscale; therefore, I have always felt that the name color scale sensor is rather misleading, perhaps called “contrast sensor” or “grayscale sensor” will be more appropriate to its actual function.


Due to the above reasons, it is used for product packaging inspection, packaging material positioning and other scenarios


 The RGB color sensor

can discern the color of the object surface at the target with high accuracy by the R-G-B ratio of reflected light.

Application:Due to the above reasons, it is used for QC,Product classification,and other scenarios

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