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You may need to know this to make you better at selling safety light curtains

In the process of selling safety light curtain we encountered the following questions, you may encounter the same problems, and we share some solutions here as a reference

Solutions:When four transmitters are placed on the same side and very close together, the transmitter on the same side sends a signal to a different receiver on the other side, causing different sets of safety light curtain to interfere with each other. Prevent interference by increasing the spacing between safety light curtainss and staggering transmitters and receivers at the same end.

It is clear that the safety light curtain is being disturbed by power ripple. Normally, the power supply to the press equipment has a large power ripple. We offer these solutions to solve the problem:

  1. Ground the negative side of the safety light curtain, which usually solves 80% of the interference problem.
  2. Purchase additional anti-interference accessories from Leraun before ordering to ensure the performance of the light curtain.
  3. Replace and use a power supply with a lower ripple

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